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2024 Interior Design Trends We’re Looking Forward To At Red House

2024 Interior Design Trends We’re Looking Forward To At Red House

Earlier this year, we asked the Red House Team which 2024 Interior Design Trends they were most looking forward to, and they did not disappoint. In this week’s blog post, we’re looking at which upcoming trends our designers and project developers are eager to adopt–take a look!

Julia: Materials that Develop a Natural Patina

Anyone who’s seen the Antiques Roadshow knows that a time-acquired, natural patina is highly desirable and a feature that’s difficult to replicate well (and goodness me, NEVER remove an acquired patina, or Mark L. Walberg may come for you). A patina, and the process of patination, refers to a chemical reaction that takes place on the surface of a material that changes the physical characteristics of the material, most notably its appearance. As one of the 2024 Interior Design trends, planning for a patina in residential design takes time and lifecycle into account, adding a new dimension to the mix and giving the design a certain je ne sais quoi. Just remember, patination doesn’t only occur on metals like copper, brass, and bronze; certain woods like white oak, teak, red cedar, and other materials like stone and leather can also develop a beautiful patina given time.

Connor: Using More Sustainable Materials

Incorporating sustainable materials into home design is a significant trend that’s been growing for decades, especially as it becomes increasingly apparent that climate change is the result of human activity. Rethinking what materials are suitable for new home construction and can reduce our environmental impact is a tricky problem but with some pretty innovative solutions. And while our Red House designers haven’t yet specified a set of fungal furniture, we’re always looking for ways to include responsible and renewable materials in our projects.

Bridget: Moody Colors

The grey days of interior design finally seem to be behind us (mostly), and homeowners are ready to embrace the darkness fully. And we are here for it. Dark and moody colors in interiors can be dramatic and memorable–but that’s not all. If you use it thoughtfully and consider things like natural light, artificial light, room size, furnishings, and other finishes, you can create a warm and cozy space, too. As far as 2024 interior design trends go, we’re totally okay with swapping agreeable greige to go sulk in a moody sunroom.

a sunny sunroom with wood floors and black painted walls
Moody rooms are one of the 2024 interior design trends we’re most looking forward to. Just look at this sunroom!

Justin: Urban Modernism Aesthetics

A convergence of contemporary design, mid-century modern, and industrial aesthetics, urban modernism has steadily evolved and gained popularity. You’ll see urban modernist design most commonly in densely populated metropolises nationwide. Still, the style seems to be concentrated in places like New York City, Boston, and Chicago. Urban modernism is all about creating an escape from the din of the city, and ironically, it tends to make use of the same buildings that once attracted a bustling industrial economy but have now been converted into chic residences. Urban modern design uses refined, calming color palettes to balance the raw architectural facets of the host building. These spaces are also highly functional, doing away with extraneous additions and focusing more on the bespoke furnishings and pops of color to personalize the home to the homeowner.

Patrick: Beautiful Wallpapers

Look, it’s no secret that we’re wallpaper fanatics at Red House–just look at our Instagram posts. So, it feels a little redundant to say that wallpapers are one of the 2024 interior design trends we’re most excited about. But, as wallcoverings become more eclectic, intricate, fab, and funkier, we just can’t help but drive the point home. Wallpapers in residential design have come a long way since the dusty toile of old (though we still love a good toile), and there’s something for anyone and everyone these days as designers have genuinely elevated the craft to an art form.

This wallpaper, “Poppies Noire,” by StudioFour NYC, is exactly why we love where wallcoverings are headed in 2024.

Natalie: Galley Sinks and Workstations

Interior design trends come and go, so it’s always refreshing when something relatively new breaks into the scene. And the Galley Workstation is just that. These innovative sinks are all the rage right now, as they marry beautiful form with rugged function. Galley Workstations are the perfect splurge item for the home chef who wants to up their game and look good doing it. The workstations are bigger than your average kitchen sink, typically coming in sizes ranging from three to six feet. Still, they also come with an array of fun accessories like cutting boards, bowl holders, serving boards, utensil organizers, and more–all you need to customize your kitchen prep area fully. We loved the Galley Workstation so much that we ended up putting one in the Red House kitchen!

Galley Workstation sink in kitchen island
This Galley Workstation is quickly rising in the ranks of “kitchen must-haves.”

If you’d like to talk more about the 2024 interior design trends we’re looking forward to, we’d love to have you! Call Red House Design Build today, or schedule your discovery call here. Either way, we’re here to help you bring your dream home to life!

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