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Renovate your historic property with our trusted remodeling professionals

Modifying a historic home requires a delicate balance of preservation, updating, and maintenance. Local governing bodies have standards and guidelines in place to make sure this is done properly. This system can sometimes be complicated, but rest assured that our experienced team will help you navigate through that process.


Red House celebrates the beauty and character of New England’s historic homes. A historic project requires careful planning and craftsmanship to preserve the details of the past while also updating for the future.

Red House has won several awards for our work on historic projects. Our team is made up of skilled architects and builders who have years of experience designing and building historic homes. Historic homes often have ornate architectural details that can only be designed and built by experts in their respective fields. Download our Historic Home Renovation Guide for more information


Rhode Island’s old houses and neighborhoods are an important part of our state’s special character. If you have a historic home that is in need of renovation, look to a design/build firm with experience in these projects. Red House offers a team of dedicated professionals who will put in the research and hard work to get the job done.

If you are interested in updating or maintaining your historic home, contact us today!