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Kitchen trends often come and go, and before long, the kitchen you once adored now looks old and dated. Red House contractors can help you bring your kitchen back and give it a new life along with quality design, which is both classy and affordable.

Whether you are searching to change your dated linoleum flooring with elegant and timeless tile, change lighting fixtures or you are interested in a full kitchen remodel that includes countertops, cabinets, and flooring, Red House can help you bring your idea to life. We will collaboratively work with you to plan each detail of your kitchen remodel and/or renovation. We are passionate about offering unparalleled personal service.

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Build your own Kitchen with Red House

Revitalize your colorless and boring kitchen, make the most out of your small space and transition it into a huge kitchen with amazing plans and ideas.  We find that a lot of homeowners sometimes get distracted with picking finishes, tile and all the other items that belong. This is why seeking help from a great and experienced home remodeling company like Red House is one of the best options in order to explore new ideas out of the boring and old space that you might have never seen.

At Red House, we believe in providing our clients with the best value possible. Whatever the scope of your kitchen project or your budget, we strive to cater to you with our undivided and full attention. If you are searching for a kitchen renovation company in Providence, look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Invest in an improved and new kitchen and do your part to improve the overall appeal of your home. At Red House, we set ourselves apart from other renovation and remodelers along with our customer service and personalized approach to all our redesign and remodeling needs. There’s no doubt about it, hiring a professional renovation company like us will provide a great return on investment in the future. Contractors and remodelers from our company will offer you the chance to create a customized plan, making a renovation project, which is both beneficial and pleasing to your property, in the long run, therefore offering an excellent return on investment.

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