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Employee Spotlight: Kathy Royce, Selections Coordinator

For many clients, choosing selections is the most enjoyable part of the design-build process. From deciding on wallpaper or paint to all the shiny details that make your home a reflection of you, Design Phase II is the icing on the cake. Today we’re going to get to know the person in charge of helping clients make those decisions, our Selections Coordinator, Kathy Royce.


A Passion for Design

Kathy has been a member of the Red House team for four years. Originally from Boston, she moved to Rhode Island 20 years ago and lives with her husband, two boys, and their dog. Kathy’s first passion was fashion design, but after starting a family and getting her real estate license, her interest in interior design began to grow. Together with her husband, they designed and built their own home and she fell in love with the remodeling process. 

Kathy is an integral part of the Design Team, guiding clients through Phase 2 of our Dream2Build process. She is responsible for helping clients make decisions about all the fun details of their project, like cabinetry, lighting, hardware, and paint. Kathy helps clients develop their vision for their space while keeping them on track with their budget and project timeline. To keep the process stress-free, selection choices are divided into stages, so clients won’t get overwhelmed by too many choices all at once.

According to Kathy: 

“Every client is different. Some know exactly what they want, while others need more guidance so we might visit showrooms together to narrow down their choices. I then create design boards with different color schemes and products based on their tastes and needs. I pay close attention to the existing style of their house so that everything will flow. It might be contemporary, traditional, or farmhouse – but I have an appreciation for all types of style.”

Kathy’s energetic personality coupled with the intimate experience of helping design their homes, allows her to quickly connect with her clients. She has a keen eye, a unique ability to understand what people like and can then translate that into beautiful and practical designs.

“Design is a very personal experience. It tells a lot about that person and it’s important to hone in on those details. We have all different type of clients with different styles and tastes. I develop relationships with them and talk to them all the time. We text, we get excited together, and I absolutely love it.”

To work with Kathy on your next project, contact us today.

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