custom rhode island mudroom with herringbone tile layout

5 Popular Tile Patterns for Homes

5 Popular Tile Patterns for Homes

Picture it: you and your Red House designer are knee-deep in design details for your new dream [kitchen, bathroom, mudroom] renovation project. The material palette you’ve picked is stunning. You can’t wait to tell all your friends and family how great everything will look. “Now, what tile pattern speaks to you the most?” your designer asks. You freeze. Do you go with a basketweave? A running bond to keep it simple? Chevron is always good…or are you thinking of herringbone? It can be overwhelming, but Red House always has you covered. In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 popular tile patterns for homes, giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice–you’re en-tile-d to it!


herringbone fish graphic

Herringbone is a classic. Named for its resemblance to, you guessed it, the bone structure of a herring (a type of fish), herringbone is created by arranging tiles perpendicular to each other and into an offset, stacked V pattern. The result is a tile pattern with a sense of movement and visual pull. The installation process is a little more involved (and best left to the pros), but the resulting look is sophisticated and shows that genuine care went into the application.

custom rhode island mudroom with herringbone tile layout
Herringbone, though more difficult to install, looks amazing when done correctly. Photography by Aaron Usher III.


herringbone tile pattern
The classic herringbone pattern.




If you get herringbone and chevron confused, you’re not alone–they’re similar in look as they’re each in a “V” arrangement. The key difference is that chevron tiles are cut at an angle where they join the next tile, usually at 45 degrees. This effectively makes the pattern look more seamless, like a classic “zigzag.” Chevron tends to have a more contemporary look.


chevron pattern
Chevron also has movement but is more like a classic “zigzag.”


Stack Bond

stack bond graphic

A stack bond tile pattern is another arrangement that skews towards a more contemporary look (and is definitely having a moment). In a stack bond, tiles are stacked on top of each other, either horizontally or vertically, essentially creating a grid. This clean, modern tile layout may look simple, but it’s critical to have a professional installation. Even the most minor offset can attract unwanted attention if tiles aren’t aligned perfectly.

stack bond pattern
The stack bond pattern aligns the tiles, creating a grid.


Running Bond

running bond graphic

Of the 5 popular tile patterns for homes, one mustn’t overlook the humble running bond. Just about everyone has seen a running bond in one form or another. Running bonds are great when using subway tiles or other small-format tiles. When tiles are arranged in a running bond pattern, tiles are stacked on top of each other at an offset of ½ the tile’s width (also called a brick bond) or ⅓ the tile’s width. A ½ offset has more of an everyday look and is more straightforward to install; a ⅓ offset adds a bit more movement to the pattern but is still relatively simple compared to the other tile arrangements covered here. 

aqua shower wall tile in 1/2 running bond
The upper tile in this shower is shown in a 1/2 offset running bond and sits on top of the cream-colored tile in a stack bond.


running bond pattern
Running bonds are a popular choice for subway tiles, and typically are at 1/2 or 1/3 offsets.


basket weave graphic

The basketweave is another popular tile pattern that can add visual intrigue and sophistication. Creating a woven effect (obviously), the single basketweave pattern is a simple way to add a bit of a cottage-core feel to your space, especially when using the proper tile selection. Upping it to a double basketweave can create a different effect, elevating the design to something with depth and movement, almost like a mosaic pattern.

a mosaic basketweave tile pattern
Basketweave tile patterns create a woven effect and come in many variations.


basket weave tile pattern
Adding an accent tile in the basketweave adds depth to the pattern.


These are just a few of the basket weave tile patterns.

Hopefully, this blog post makes choosing the right tile pattern for your home a little less daunting. It’s a crucial step in creating a cohesive design when your renovation project involves tiling. And these 5 popular tile patterns for homes are just the tip of the tiled iceberg. Each pattern has its own variations, and we didn’t even get to more complicated patterns like the parquet, the windmill, or the infinite possibilities of mosaics. But one thing is for sure: at Red House Design Build, we understand the importance of each and every detail your home remodeling project requires, and our award-winning team of expert designers and builders is here to help guide you along the way. Contact Red House today, and let’s bring your dream home to life in 2024!


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