justin zeller on fine homebuilding podcast

Justin Zeller featured on Fine Homebuilding Podcast

Justin Zeller on Fine Homebuilding Podcast

Pro-Talk with Justin Zeller on The Fine Homebuilding Podcast

Earlier this month, our Founder and General Manager, Justin Zeller guest-starred on Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s Pro-Talk podcast. We recently worked closely with the team at Fine Homebuilding Magazine as they shot our deck build on the East Side of Providence (video and story coming soon). From there, Justin connected with the host of The Fine Homebuilding Podcast, Patrick, to share with their audience what makes Red House successful.

The Fine Homebuilding Podcast embodies Fine Homebuilding magazine’s commitment to the preservation of craftsmanship and the advancement of home performance in residential construction. Hosted by the magazine’s editors, The FHB Podcast is an informal but vigorous show about the techniques and principles that allow listeners to master their design and building challenges.

Pro-Talk Podcast

In this Pro-Talk podcast, Patrick talks to Justin about the design/build model, the Lead Carpenter System, the Sandler Sales Method, effective job-site management, and balancing client expectations.

When asked what he likes most about being a contractor, Justin told Patrick:

“I love people. We started a project this morning.. the house was built in 1786 and it’s timber-framed, so there’s been a lot of back and forth  to find out what it will cost and how we might approach different things. Today is ‘go’ day…The client saw me coming up the driveway – she ran up, gave me a big hug, and said “yes! It feels like today is Christmas!” That is awesome. To get that feeling at the beginning and end of the project and to provide that opportunity to the folks that work here – that is what I like best about it.”

Listen to the podcast using the player below or follow head over to The Fine Homebuilding Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

If you’d like to learn more about our design-build process for your home remodeling project in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts, contact us today. And check out our Career Opportunities if you are interested in joining our team!


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