Red House Founder Named President of EMNARI

Red House Founder Named President of EMNARI

Red House Founder named President of EMNARI


Red House Founder & General Manager named President of EMNARI. Congratulations to Justin Zeller!

EMNARI is the Eastern Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry – a non-profit membership association dedicated to the remodeling industry.  As a member, contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, and vendors have the ability to collaborate with industry professionals in achieving common goals. Members are able to incorporate higher standards in their own practices resulting in superior workmanship.


A President’s Message


According to Justin Zeller:

“My main reason for joining EM NARI was to push the level and self-perception of professionalism for our carpenters, turning them into certified leaders. Giving them the opportunity to pin a badge on their chest that allowed them to behave and feel differentiated from their peers at other companies.

…While the certification opportunities led me to EM NARI, there have been so many other benefits to membership. Building a team of certified professionals, and a culture of education and expertise has been one step in building a better business. The real benefit of membership, however, was tucked in the folds of participation.

At dinner meetings, I was able to meet and mingle with folks who’s companies were at the same level as Red House at the time. However, what I realized during each meeting was that I was also talking to folks who have figured this business out, 20-35 year veterans of the industry. And, they saw promise for my company’s future as well.

…Through putting in genuine interest, time, and effort, my payback has been ten-fold. I’ve begun long-lasting relationships with the type of peers who will continue to shape and mold a better future for my company and the industry overall.”

Read the entirety of his President’s Message here.


Together We Grow


To learn more about how to become an EMNARI member click here.

Red House is an award-winning design-build firm. To work with a recognized industry leader on your next home project, contact us today.

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