Red House & Habitat for Humanity

Team Volunteer Day


Earlier this fall, the Red House team ventured out into the cold, wet rain for a volunteer day with our local Habitat for Humanity chapter. Despite the weather, we showed our spirit, stayed focused and engaged, and got a lot done for the project.

We hope to make this event an annual contribution to the Providence community where we are headquartered. Not only are our skills related by trade, but working together on a project like this is an exceptional demonstration of our team’s core values of Service, Collaboration, and Urgency.

Our Founder and General Manager, Justin Zeller said of the event:

“It was dirty, and it was fun…And, I really enjoyed working side by side with each team member. Even digging post holes and clearing knotweed, when doing it alongside folks with such a great sense of humor and strong work ethic, was totally fulfilling, even as it was exhausting. It was moving to see the huge difference we made for a couple of families that really needed the help.”

In one day we were able to:

Set and install a 6′ retractable awning
Cleaned out poor cement patchwork on a walkway
Cleared out a backyard lot of trash and yard debris
Excavated and formed a 16×14 patio in prep for sand and cement
Set a row of galvanized fence posts in cement
Hung two sections for new fencing
Adjusted 60 linear feet of fencing height
Re-graded and smoothed 90 square feet of yard perimeter under the fencing
Content manipulation for a bedroom, in and out before and after flooring
Laid underlayment and flooring in a 160 SF bedroom (including removal and reinstallation of baseboard heat covers!)
Cleared overgrowth at the parking lot and bagged the debris
Plus, ate pizza and enjoyed lunch!

All in all, it was a great experience for our team and a wonderful opportunity to give back. Thank you to Habitat of Humanity for having us. We look forward to next year!


To learn more about working with the Red House team, contact us today!

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