Employee Spotlight: Kevin Manning, From Lead Carpenter to Project Manger

From Lead Carpenter to Project Manager

Meet Kevin – Red House’s newest Project Manager! Kevin has been working with Red House as a Lead Carpenter for years now, but soon after completing his Construction Supervisor License (CSL) earlier this year, he was promoted to Project Manager on the Production team. Let’s get to know Kevin:

Tell Me About Yourself:

When not working I like to hike, travel, and visit national parks. Zion and the parks in Southern Utah have been my favorites so far. I like the parks best in the off-season when they aren’t as crowded. For example, Big Bend in Texas near the Mexican border in the summer. It was 105 degrees at but it was totally empty and I loved it. For my next vacation, I would love to do Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Glacier, and Flathead Lake.

I also like hanging out with my dog Stacey. She’s a little over 10 years old now; an old lady. She gets to hang out with me all day and visit job sites. She visits the office sometimes too.


Tell me about your background in carpentry:

When I was 17 I started working with a painting company. It was mostly condos, the same thing every day. I quickly moved on to roofing, but that wasn’t for me either. I sort of fell into carpentry when I was around 20 years old. 15 years later, I have achieved what I always wanted – to be a manager. I’ve always worked hard and put that extra effort into progressing skills and my career.


As Project Manager, how has your role changed?

The biggest change is that I am not in the field anymore. It’s a different pace and so far I like it. As Lead Carpenter, I was already doing a lot of management tasks in the field anyways, so that aspect hasn’t changed.

I am responsible for about 3-4 jobs at a time. Because I’m not in the field, I can manage more projects at one time than a Lead Carpenter. I take over the project once it wraps up the design phase. I manage the budget, schedule, carpenters, and the subtrades.


What is your favorite job you’ve ever done?

We recently completed a historic kitchen renovation on the East Side of Providence. The before and after transformation was dramatic and very satisfying. The client and I got along really well. It was an awesome experience.


What are you looking forward to most in your new position?

Improving my computer skills. I’m learning a lot from (Production Manager) Benno – I’m lucky to work with him. He’s very knowledgeable.


Are you going to miss working in the field?

(Chuckling) Now that winter’s coming no. I’m happy to work inside. I might miss it a little bit in the Spring.


Red House’s Production Team offers professional project management with experts like Kevin for your home renovation projects. If interested in learning more about our process for your home contact us today. Or if you’d like to join a team with possibilities for growth, check out our open career opportunities.

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