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How to Use Color in the Kitchen


How to use color in the kitchen


Red House’s Kathy Royce in Hey Rhody Magazine


At newsstands around Rhode Island this October, Red House’s own, Kathy Royce, offered some sage advice to homeowners. The “Cozy Spaces” edition of the local publication, Hey Rhody, sought out Red House’s design expertise to inspire homeowners to bring some warmth and color to their homes – right in time for the holidays.

The article, “Color Splash”, focused on using pops of color in the kitchen. Taking inspiration from Signature Custom Cabintry’s trending colors of 2021, Hey Rhody asked our design team how to incorporate these fun hues. As our resident specialist on selecting kitchen finishes, Kathy stepped up to the plate.


How to Use Color in the Kitchen

(HR) Do you feel that any color cabinet can work in any style of kitchen or do you think certain colors gravitate toward certain styles (farmhouse, modern, cottage, etc.)? That being said, it can be fun to switch things up. Thoughts?
(KR) Cabinet colors are such a personal preference. This is where choosing the right door style comes into play. Take for instance Signature’s trending color Spruce. Greens are very popular right now in every style of kitchen. For a contemporary home, a slab-style door in the spruce finish would look fabulous. However, using the same spruce finish with a more traditional door style can look equally as amazing in a colonial home.
Signature Cabintry Pasadena Door style in Balsam.
(HR) When choosing a bold cabinet, what do you suggest for the surroundings? Same wall, white wall, etc.?
(KR)  If a bold cabinet is desired, expect this to be the focal point of the room. Choose more muted finishes in the rest of the space so as not to compete with the cabinetry.
(HR) Do you feel that bold cabinet colors work best top or bottom only, both, or depends? Please explain?
(KR) This really depends on the size of the space. Small kitchens can pull off a dark color on the base cabinets and the wall cabinets should remain light (or even just floating shelves). Larger kitchens can afford to have dark all around!
(HR) Any tips on giving a kitchen a cozy vibe all year long?
(KR) I always tell my clients who want to achieve a cozy feeling to incorporate real wood. Wood can really warm a space. This could be an island, a featured sink base that is slightly pulled forward, or shelving.
open shelving contemporary kitchen renovation east side of providence rhode island
Open shelving offers functional storage while keeping an open feel to the space. Wood tones from Signature Cabinetry in Sierra Natural Cherry add warmth to the contemporary aesthetic. Photography by Aaron Usher III. Styling by Site Styling.
Any other advice?
Cabinets are a big expense –  so choose carefully.  If you want to use a bold color but are not quite ready to take the plunge in an entire kitchen, try using the bold finish for an island or bathroom vanity.  Small pops of color can be fun and less expensive if you decide to change it down the road.
blue kitchen island kitchen renovation rhode island
Red House Kitchen Addition; Signature Cabinetry island in Navy Hale with perimeter cabinets in Colonial Simply White. Photography by Aaron Usher III.


Read the whole article on how to use color in the kitchen by Karen Greco in Hey Rhody magazine here. And to learn more about adding a pop of color or cozy vibes to your kitchen – contact us today!

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