Red House Custom Building is Excited to Recognize New Certified Lead Carpenters

Certified Lead Carpenter: Two Employees Recognized

On my first day Interning at Red House, I heard the term Lead Carpenter. At first, I thought it was just a fancy name for the main woodworker in a crew, a person who leads the framing work and trim carpentry. The term kept coming up over and over, but it was all related to different things. I was very confused as to what a lead carpenter would be doing when it came to managing the estimated budget or managing labor and safety.

Certified Lead Carpenter Leon FilmerSo I did some digging and found that they do a lot more than only woodworking or unique furniture. They are the main reason the building and remodeling process go smoothly with a professional remodeling company. During construction, they discuss plans with the homeowner. They get to know the project from the homeowner’s point of view. They lead their team, and the client, through all the tough choices on the job-site … all while taking great pride in their work.


Lead carpenters must have a lot of experience in the industry, and this experience allows them to manage a project efficiently and professionally. True lead carpenters are in charge of the material ordering and removal, they keep up with all building code inspections, monitor quality assurance, manage sub-trades on the job, and keep up with all the paperwork and daily logs for their projects. As you can see these amazingly skilled workers are exceedingly important to any professional remodeling process.


In order to get their certificate, they have to achieve NARI national qualifications. They must be in the Remodeling Industry for at least five years, two of which, must be a lead carpenter. Successfully complete a half-day written examination on pre-construction issues, technical knowledge, and special skills (people and job management), as stated by NARI. They also had to do a 2-hour group study session every week for three months. The test for the certification took three hours, with no book or notes.

At Red House, we are lucky to have these top-notch professionals to work with us. Congratulations to Leon Filmer (Top) who just earned his certified lead carpenter designation. He has worked insanely hard to get this designation, and we are incredibly proud of him.

Written By Alexxis Yawn

Intern, Red House Custom Building

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