Three drawers open in kitchen

Three Great Storage Solutions for Keeping Success in the Kitchen Close at Hand

Kitchen Storage: The Secret Sauce

Part of being the cook you dream of is having all your favorite tools at your fingertips. This makes it easy and fun to create wonderful food. Here are three kitchen storage features that helped lift this remodel to the heights of form and function.

One of our kitchen designers is notorious for staying away from lazy susans, and his solutions always create a way to access the blind corner cabinet, a cabinet that usually hides plenty of storage in the inside corner of a kitchen. In this kitchen, we incorporated the LeMans II blind corner organizer by Hafele. No need to stoop and dig for the blender or the processor. The LeMans has two adjustable, full-swing shelves that bring all the interior storage of the corner cabinet out into the room for easy access. Coated with a non-slip surface, the shelves ensure that your contents don’t go sliding into neverland.

Clients often ask us what the benefits of a cooktop will be versus a range. One use that clients don’t always think about is the available storage at the point of use. By utilizing the space under this cooktop with these custom frameless cabinets, we have a total of eight drawers and roll-outs stacked neatly under the cooktop. While the top drawer is shallow, it still provides a great storage place for spatulas, spoons, and cutlery. We outfitted the roll-out in the second drawer with a spice rack for easy label-reading and access while simmering, searing, or sautéing.

Not all kitchen storage should be hidden. These recycled planks from an old building in Cambridge added a special charm to the feel of the kitchen. They demonstrate and display personality. At the same time, they keep cookbooks and favorite recipes within reach while preparing food.

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