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Starting a Home Renovation Project with Red House

How Your Project Begins with Red House Design Build

Curious about starting a home renovation project but not sure how to start?

At Red House Design Build, we created our process to give homeowners a clear understanding of costs, scheduling, and the roles different team members play in developing a home remodeling project. When starting your renovation journey with us, the first step is a Discovery Call with Patrick. But what is a Discovery Call, and why do we start this way? This article will review what happens on a typical call and how you can prepare for it.

Getting to know you

The Discovery Call is our first chance to get to know you. The purpose of the call is to find out if we are a good fit for each other. During the call, Patrick will ask questions about you, learn what you like and don’t like about your home, and discuss the possible solutions our team can explore. You’ll also hear about our design and construction process, and we can find out if it matches your needs and expectations. The Discovery Call can be a phone call or a video chat, and takes about 30 minutes.

How to Prepare for a Discovery Call

When is your project schedule tied to a specific date, or are you flexible? Do you have a budget in mind? Patrick will update you on our current construction timeline and see if that will work for you and your family. He will also develop a preliminary budget starting point for potential design solutions for your home. The more information you can provide about your project, the better. Measurements, drawings, and inspirational images are all helpful in communicating your vision and to begin developing your scope and budget. 

We hope that by the end of the Discovery Call, you will feel confident that our process is the perfect fit for you and your project. If the feeling is mutual, the next step is scheduling a walk-through of your home with a project developer. 

Initial Site Visit

During a walk-through, or an initial site visit, one of our expert project developers will meet you at your home to discuss your renovation. Usually lasting about 90 minutes, you will start with a thorough tour of the project area, sharing your vision and needs. After the tour, you will find a place to sit and discuss scope and budget options with your project developer. 

Still have questions? You’ll also take a detailed look at Red House’s design process and learn how your Project Developer, Lead Designer, Project Manager, and the rest of our highly-skilled team will collaborate on your project. At the end of the walk-through, we will have an agreed-upon scope of work to start the design process, and your project developer will present the design proposal. 

The design proposal includes a summary of a flexible scope of work and an associated design fee. The fee (usually 8-10% of the total) covers the cost of developing your project’s conceptual design options, scope of work, and detailed estimate. You can approve or decline this proposal at the walk-through, or take a day to think through your decision. Before the walk-through, If there’s any additional information that we can provide to help prepare you to make this decision, please let us know.

Are you ready to schedule a call?

With Red House Design Build, starting a home renovation project is easy. We hope this helps you gain some insight into our process and gives you the confidence to take that first step in your renovation. To start your journey with us, you can fill out the form on our contact page, directly schedule your Discovery Call with Patrick here, or complete our client questionnaire here. As Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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