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What Is Design-Build?

With Red House’s current name change, you might be wondering: What is design-build, anyway?

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one unified team works with the client to provide both design and construction services. This collaborative workflow keeps everyone (clients, designers, and carpenters) on the same page. At Red House, design-build has been our method for many years, but lately, we’d discovered that the name “Red House Custom Building” wasn’t communicating that properly. So, to make it easier for new clients to understand our full-service offers, we decided to update our name to Red House Design Build.


Our Design Team

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Our build team is made up of highly-skilled carpenters who work closely with top-rated specialty tradespeople. But we also have a talented, in-house design team, made up of architects, drafters, and selections coordinators. Our design team is responsible for turning your dream into reality. At Red House, your Lead Designer will guide you through possible options for your project. Based on your needs and budget, our team will create a design and construction plan perfect for you. At the end of the Design phase, your project plans are handed off to your dedicated Lead Carpenter to start managing the build.


Design-Build is Communication

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Communication and foresight are the biggest advantages of design-build. Our designers and builders work collaboratively, keeping the progress of your project on track. Instead of dividing responsibilities and pieces of projects to different people at different firms, you can feel confident in Red House’s full-service solution.


Red House Design Build

Red House is committed to building and remodeling excellence created through innovative design, professional collaboration, and superior craftsmanship. Our promise is to provide each client with a positive and rewarding experience during the planning and building of their home. Our process was created to give homeowners a clear understanding of costs, scheduling, and the roles different team members play in achieving your dream.

Contact us to start your home remodeling project in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts!

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