Modern Studio Addition and Primary Suite in Warwick

5 FAQs When Starting a Project With Red House

Five FAQs When Starting a Project With Red House Design Build


Starting a home remodeling project is a big undertaking, especially if you’ve never done a home renovation. In the beginning phases of a new project–especially during your discovery call–it’s common for prospective clients to have a list of questions to become comfortable with our process. And while each client has specific queries, we also see some of the same ones asked from project to project. In this blog post, we’ll answer five FAQs when starting a project with Red House Design Build. By the end, you should feel even more confident that your home renovation project is in good hands with Red House.

Modern Studio Addition and Primary Suite in Warwick
Photography by Aaron Usher III.

What does design-build mean?

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one unified team works with the client to provide both design and construction services. At Red House, we offer in-house architects, technical designers, interior designers, cabinetry specialists, Lead Carpenters, and skilled craftspeople–everything you need to take your dream home from conception to construction.


What are the advantages of design-build?

Communication and foresight are the most significant advantages of design-build. Our designers and builders work collaboratively, keeping the progress of your project on track. The unified workflow of the design-build process–from the initial design concept through construction completion–keeps everyone on the same page, leaving our clients confident that their home renovation project will be delivered on time and within budget. 

Modern Studio Addition and Primary Suite in Warwick
Photography by Aaron Usher III.

What sort of projects do you do? 

From whole home renovations and additions to kitchen and bathroom remodels, Red House Design Build is your one-stop shop for whatever you need to make your dream home a reality. Whether you need help navigating the restoration of your historic home or want to give your bedroom a modern update, Red House is here to help.

We focus mainly on large-scale remodeling projects (whole homes, additions, kitchens, primary suites, etc.). This accounts for 90% of our work. The other 10% comprises smaller bathrooms, sunrooms, mudrooms, windows, or specialty built-ins. We only typically provide replacement contracting services (roofs, siding, gutters, etc.) if it is part of a larger project scope or if you are a repeat client. For repeat clients, we offer concierge services to handle any and all household repairs.


What items affect the cost of a project the most? 

Big ticket items include windows, doors, countertops (especially stone), cabinetry, custom millwork, and some other products that require specialized installations. Red House offers a three-tiered catalog for these higher-cost selections, allowing for flexibility in budget without sacrificing quality. 

Natural light floods into this home in Tiverton Rhode Island
Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Can I save money by placing orders for products myself?

Ordering selections can require a significant time commitment, coordination, communication, and troubleshooting. Delays in delivery, incorrect products, and damaged goods are just a few of the issues that can cause production setbacks, which add costs to your final price tag. Additionally, self-acquired selections will not be covered by Red House’s 3-year warranty. 

That said, we are willing to work with our clients to save on costs when necessary. If there are no other options and you decide to order your own products, you may be asked to sign a waiver that ensures you understand the responsibility of managing the ordering process, as well as quality control and timely delivery in accordance with our production schedule. 

So, while you can reduce costs by ordering your own products, the savings will be marginal, and the benefits of having Red House do the ordering far outweigh the risks. 


There you have it! We hope that answering these five FAQs when starting a project with Red House will give you a head start with your home renovation. And if you have more questions, we’re here to help! Fill out our online contact form or give us a call today. 

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