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Waterplace Providence Condo Remodel

Providence Condo Remodel

A condo is a low-maintenance and stylish option. It can be a perfect choice for both young professionals and retirees. However, just like single-family homes, condos are also in need of updating. You may be looking to upgrade your space to fit your needs. Or maybe you are trying to keep up with today’s real estate market. It may be time to consider a condo renovation project. For a Providence condo remodel, look no further than Red House.


Condos Don’t Have to be Cookie-Cutter

Our client came to Red House to have her 2-story condo remodeled. Originally from Manila, this young doctor wanted to personalize her condo to feel more at home. Located in the heart of downtown Providence, the space was beautiful with a lot of potential for upgrades. Working with our design team, we created a plan to open up the stairwell and second-floor hallway and create a contemporary-style guest bathroom.

Opening the Space

To make the stairwell feel more open and airy, our designers replaced a center wall with a glass railing. The impact of the transparent glass immediately made the staircase fell more grand and modern. Then, we installed floor to ceiling picture frame molding. The trim detail continued throughout the second-floor hallway. Extending the trim to the ceiling enhanced the height of the ceilings, further opening up the space. The walls and trim were both painted a rich dark blue for a classic but textured monochromatic look. 


condo renovation providence ri
After: The glass divider opens up the stairwell. Extending the trim to the ceiling adds more height to the space. Photography by Aaron Usher III.


condo remodel providence
After: The choice of deep blue for the walls adds visual interest to the hallway. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Statement Lighting

A striking, oversized brass chandelier from Restoration Hardware was added for a final touch. The statement lighting cast dramatic shadows throughout the stairwell. The shadows created a playful visual interest in the monochromatic space. 


statement lighting
After: The new statement lighting casts dramatic shadows in the stairwell. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Bathroom Renovation

In the guest bathroom, we installed large-format tiles from Ann Sacks on the shower wall. The effect of the large tiles created a seamless and modern look. Our team designed unique flooring using a  wood-like tile in a herringbone pattern. For the countertop, we employed a white quartzite. The juxtaposition between the neutral bathroom interior and the deep blue hallway gave the space a natural and calming feel. Brass and crystal hardware tied in the chandelier from the hall. The result was a cohesive second-floor space. 


After: Hallway details carry over into the bathroom. Photography by Aaron Usher III.


bathroom remodel providence ri
After: A stylish and sophisticated guest bathroom. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Call Red House For Your Providence Condo Remodel

Find out how Red House Custom Building can help you with all of your custom remodeling needs! For a Providence condo remodel, call (401)337-5634 or schedule a discovery call today. 

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