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Remodeling is the Way to Go

With a stronger job market and a growing economy, homeowners are now more willing to invest in home improvements.  More and more families are choosing to stay in their homes for longer periods of time.  In many cases, young families are adding additional levels of living space to their existing home as their family grows. Whereas older couples, whose children have already grown, are planning for the future by re-configuring the first floor of their home to incorporate a master suite.

A recent article from the JCHS, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, states that home improvements will continue to increase through mid-year 2019. To read the full article, click here JCHS of Harvard University.

The decision to stay in an existing home goes hand in hand with making necessary updates as time passes.  Updates including kitchen makeovers, bathroom remodels and structural improvements are not only essential in keeping up with the integrity of the home, but also staying on trend with the current real estate market.  Eventually, when the time does come to sell, homeowners will want to attain the best possible price for their home.

At Red House, we work with clients to achieve their remodeling goals and help them exceed their expectations of the space they envisioned.  Contact us for more information on how Red House can help you reach your remodeling goals.

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