Over the winter we were installing new Kolbe & Kolbe traditional style replacement windows in the East Bay, and while doing a sill replacement we removed the seat board from the bay window. This bay window is open to the air on the underside, and the seat board had no insulation and lots of draft before. It would have made a pretty cold seat in the winter. After the new, historically accurate sill was successfully mortised and glued in place, we added 2 inches of rigid foam to achieve R-14 in the cavity under the seat board.

After installing the rigid foam between the framing, we seal the edges of the foam to the framing with a professional spray foam applicator. This tool allows us to control the flow of the foam, helping eliminate over-foaming and the chance that stray foam migrates through the house. Once the foam was in place, the seat board was re-installed and re-painted.

Justin Zeller
Red House Custom Building, LLC.
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