Red House Team Spotlight: Happy Activities During Shelter-in-Place

Red House Team Spotlight


Stuck at home and bored? This special Red House Team Spotlight shares what we’re doing to stay happy and sane during Shelter-in-Place.


What Our Team Is Up To Right Now


Liz sales coordinator red house team spotlight

Liz, Sales Coordinator


I’d say, what’s supported my new normal is getting outside. I have most recently taken up biking to explore RI locally and it’s helped me appreciate the cool little corners of this state. One area I checked out was Beavertail lighthouse and I did a loop around Jamestown. In addition to that, I have been chasing some serenity in sunsets every chance I get on some of these nights that have felt like summer. Lastly, cooking up a storm, and doing it all from scratch.


All of course, with the mutt by my side who keeps me sane 🙂




Phyllis office manager red house team spotlight

Phyllis, Office Manager


In my downtime, I enjoy my “C-Time”: Cats-Crafting-Cooking-Cocktails. My four indoor cats are truly a joy, all very sweet and loving. Crafting keeps me busy for hours and it is fun to be creative. I spend weekends cooking for my family, everyone is so busy, kids are grown, time to reconnect with everyone. Dinner is served with 3-12 people every weekend. I have experimented with Scorpion Bowl cocktails – they are so delicious while out but dangerous to drive after sharing one, so I came up with a great recipe we can enjoy at home! I will also be making them into jello shots!


Scorpion Bowl Recipe

Bombay Dry Gin, 2 oz

Meyer’s Dark Rum, 2 oz

Bacardi Light Rum, 2 oz

Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum, 2 oz

Grey Goose Orange Vodka, 2 oz

Jose Cuervo Gold Tequilla, 2 oz

Grenadine Syrup, 1 oz

Fresh Orange Juice, 16 oz

Pineapple Juice, 20 oz

Fresh Lemon Juice, 3 oz

Pineapple chunks

Maraschino Cherries

Orange slices (optional)

Mix all ingredients, pour over ice and serve in individual glasses.

Please Drink Responsibly



Justin zeller founder red house team spotlight

Justin, Founder & Certified Remodeler



Activities I am enjoying right now:


Bike riding – I rode to the bank today to make deposits for Phyllis, and to get out of the house.

Rewatching videos of my son’s bike tricks.

Tennis with my son, Felix. We are both pretty bad, but it’s super fun to play with him.

Running, about 3 miles every other day – slow and steady – it really helps me to clear my head and reset.

Long walks with my wife, Minna (and sometimes ten-year-old Cole).

Listening to Felix’s new music! (this is what he’s doing in isolation at his mom’s)



Favorite Cocktail at the moment: Aviator 

  • 2 parts dry gin

  • 1 part St Germaine

  • Lemon twist

  • shaken and poured over ice




Bridget Chaney Marketing Coordinator

Bridget, Marketing Coordinator


I’ve been taking advantage of the increasing amount of virtual options available. Zoom happy hour with my friends, an online Pilates class, and I’ve been taking some time to learn through online tutorials. I’ve been cooking (my family loved this recipe for Tumeric Fish with Rice Noodles from Bon Appetit – I added a soy-ginger broth). When I feel stressed, this guided meditation is my go-to tool to help relax. I am thankful to still be able to take long walks with my two dogs, Bacchus and Kaia, and my one-year-old daughter, Bianca.



marianne architect red house team spotlight

Marianne, Architect & Pre-Construction Project Manager


When not working, we go for drives to our cape house where we walk the bog trails which are pretty remote.  We also go to local beaches as they are so calming, a peaceful, rejuvenating outlet for our family, including our dog, Annie. 

At home, we go on lots of walks on the bike path and exercise on the rower and elliptical. We are also tackling long overdue house projects – painting the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We are doing lots of cooking, trying to be clever using pantry items, trying recipes that Lucy finds on TikTok (the 4 ingredient peanut butter cookies are great).  At 7 pm, we all gather to watch the Great British Cooking Show, which we find soothing and inspiring.  


Zoom calls with family members for birthdays and Easter – which is comical as not all family members have used this technology before.  Hearing from friends that I haven’t spoken to in years – it is a time to connect and share the love.





jason lead carpenter red house custom building team spotlight

Jason, Lead Carptenter


I can be found enjoying good quality time with my wife, daughter, and dog-ter (Meagan, Sydney, and Lilly, respectively). We do all sorts of things from playing frisbee to grilling to watching kids movies. For instance, the other night we were perusing Netflix and we found this movie about a physician who could communicate with animals via conversation. Honestly, I could Do-little to resist this Eddie Murphy classic. The wise-cracking hamster (Chris Rock) had us in stitches and the Owl was a hoot!! 


Occasionally everybody is busy and I will have some time to myself. During these times I enjoy honing my skills at the bass guitar (cue Paul Rudd in “I Love You, Man”). 


Lastly, when all else fails it’s like they say…. when in quarantine, do as the quarantine-ians do. That’s right friends – I am talking about drinking. Corona Light has been my go-to for a while (since before it was cool).




What activities are you up to right now? Let us know in the comments! A home improvement project can be a great way to keep busy and flex your creative muscles during this time. Check out our Portfolio for inspiration and contact us to schedule a Discovery Call!

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