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Choosing a Bathroom Sink: 6 Styles Explained

6 Types of Bathroom Sinks


The sink is the heart of the vanity and the type you choose can determine the style of the bathroom. It’s easy to select a standard sink but there are endless choices to make your sink more unique. Here are the pros and cons of 6 types of bathroom sinks.

Pedestal Sink

Best suited for small bathroom spaces like powder rooms, pedestal sinks look a little like birdbaths. While they are a great choice for tight spaces, these types of sinks offer no additional storage space and hardly any countertop space. If you’re set on a pedestal sink for a larger bathroom, consider adding more furniture or shelving for storage.


powder room renovation in rhode island
A pedestal sink against a vibrant emerald green wallpaper and heated hexagon tiled floors in this East Greenwich powder room remodeled by Red House. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Console Sink

Second, is a console sink. In this type of sink, the sink and countertop are mounted to the wall, supported by two or four legs. Similar to the pedestal sink, console sinks have limited counterspace and no built-in storage. You can better utilize the space under the sink, however, with a basket or maybe even a footstool for a small child.


An example of a console sink by Kohler. Image source: Kohler

Wall-Mounted Sink

Next, wall-mounted sinks attach directly to the wall only and are open underneath. They are a great space-saving option, as they have the potential to have the smallest footprint of any type of sink. The drawback is the lack of storage. However, there is also the option of incorporating a floating vanity with your wall-mounted sink for added storage. Floating vanities are a big trend in 2020.

The wall-mounted sink pictured below is a trough-style sink. Trough sinks are large, single basin sinks, which can accommodate two or more faucets. They are a good solution for those who would like a double sink but don’t have enough space.


powder room renovation in rhode island
A wall-mounted trough style sink with double faucets and a striking True Blue wall makes this powder room truly unique. Photography by Aaron Usher III

Drop-In & Undermount Sinks

One of the most common sink styles, a drop-in sink fits inside a hole cut in the countertop. It has a visible lip around its perimeter between the edge of the sink and the countertop.

The undermount sink is the top choice for master bathrooms. Rather than being dropped into a pre-cut hole in the countertop, undermount sinks are installed under the counter. There is no rim between the countertop and sink which can make cleaning easier as you can push water into the sink from the countertop without obstruction.


bathroom renovation in east greenwich ri
This East Greenwich bathroom by Red House features a beautiful Quartz countertop vanity with an undermount sink. Photo by Aaron Usher III Photography.

Vessel Sink

Finally, a vessel sink is a free-standing, statement-making sink that sits directly on the countertop. Vessel sinks can make a room feel more modern and unique. Their style can be more traditional or have sculptural qualities. Vessel sinks can be easy to install, too! Because the sink sits on top of the countertop, you need to consider the height of the countertop and vanity. The vessels themselves add height, so vanities with these steps of sinks are usually shorter. Vessel sinks come in a large range of materials, including glass, marble, and copper.


types of bathroom sinks
A vessel sink featured on this vanity in a Red House bathroom in Newport, RI. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Sink Fixtures

The fixtures of the sink are an important detail not to be overlooked. Do you prefer a single knob control or separate knobs for hot and cold water? The faucet can be mounted on the sink or directly on the wall for a unique effect. The metal of the sink fixtures coordinates with the rest of the hardware in the bathroom (tub fixtures, showerheads, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, doorknobs).


New sink fixtures in a master bath remodel by Red House in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Which of the 6 types of bathroom sink is right for your bathroom?


In conclusion, the type of sink you choose can determine a lot about the style of your bathroom. From space-saving options to art pieces, you can find a sink that fits your personality and needs. At Red House, you will work with a professional Selections Coordinator who will help guide you through this process, offering you sink options based on your budget, style, and bathroom needs.

For your bathroom project, try out our interactive Bathroom Dream Sheet to map out your hopes, needs, budget, and more. Share your worksheet with us to get started on your project. Or schedule a Discover Call to speak directly with our team.

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