Powder Room Design Ideas

Powder Room Design Ideas


Most powder rooms don’t get the attention they deserve – but they can have huge potential when it comes to design details. Think of your powder room as an opportunity to show off your personality. Because of its small size, this room is a great place to take a chance on a design that might be intimidating in a larger room. Experiment with bold hues, graphic prints, and stylish fixtures. Check out the examples below of powder room design ideas by Red House to inspire your next project.


Small But Mighty


A powder room can be transformed even with a limited budget. Stick with the essentials, like a new vanity, flooring, or wallcoverings. The small space makes it the ideal canvas for experimenting without making a big investment. The room requires fewer materials making it easier to select high-ticket decor if you so wish. 


When it comes to designing a high-traffic space with minimal square footage, you have to be strategic. Consider the necessary elements (sink, toilet, mirror) first. Whether it will be used by your family or just for guests, it is important that the powder room doesn’t lack functionality or style. 


This is the perfect place to wow your guests. One of the best things about the powder room is that there isn’t any lingering moisture from a shower or bath, which means you aren’t limited to water-resistant materials. Wallpaper, artwork, or antique furniture won’t be damaged and will make a statement. 


powder room renovation in rhode island
A pedestal sink against a vibrant emerald green wallpaper and heated hexagon tiled floors in this East Greenwich powder room remodeled by Red House. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Wall Treatments


Wallpaper is a big home design trend for 2020. Because you don’t have to deal with moisture from a bathtub or shower, wallpaper can be an ideal choice for a powder room. Wallpaper is one of the best ways to transform a room because it doesn’t take up any useable space. This makes it especially suited for a small powder room. It can brighten even a windowless or bathroom. 


bathroom renovation east side of providence
Art Deco wallpaper catches the eye in this historic powder room renovation on the East Side of Providence. The furniture-style vanity is a great choice for the traditional-style room. Renovation by Red House. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

What type of wallpaper stands out to you? Botanical prints in modern hues, Art Deco motifs, ’70s-style graphics, or minimalist geometry? Look for new takes on traditional patterns or find something totally new. No matter what, be prepared to make a statement. 


powder room design east greenwich rhode island
Beautiful floral “Fontainebleau” wallpaper by Cole and Son in this East Greenwich, RI half bath renovation by Red House. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Neutral and Minimal

Wallpaper is not for everyone. A small space can feel chaotic, fast—especially if you’re using bold pattern. Pastels and neutral colors are classic choices for wall paint in bathrooms. There are plenty of ways to make an impact with a neutral powder room. Sometimes less can be more.


powder room design ideas
An updated half bath in a neutral color palette in a Newton MA historic renovation by Red House. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

This year, don’t be afraid to go darker Choose a dramatic, moody color that will surprise your guests. Like this striking blue. It just happens to be Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year.


powder room renovation in rhode island
A wall-mounted trough style sink with double faucets and a striking True Blue wall makes this powder room truly unique. Photography by Aaron Usher III

Powder Room Design Ideas in Rhode Island


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Think beyond traditional when it comes to your powder room. Contact Red House for your powder room renovation dreams. The possibilities are endless!

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