Our Top Home Renovations in Rhode Island: 2023 Wrap-Up

Our Top Home Renovations in Rhode Island: A 2023 Wrap-Up

2023 has been a superb year for home renovations in Rhode Island for Red House Design Build. We grew our team of expert designers, builders, and project managers; we added to our collection of awards; and we completed many excellent home renovations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, not only for our clients but for ourselves too (and don’t forget, we made some good progress on a very fancy hen house). So, as we continue to book remodeling projects for a bright-looking 2024, we’re taking a peek back at our top home renovations in Rhode Island from 2023.


A Charming Breakfast Nook in Barrington, RI

The heart of this kitchen transformation lies in the meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design that went into every detail of the breakfast nook. Decorative corbels and molding were carefully chosen to frame the space, creating a cozy focal point that harmonizes with the home’s existing craftsman-style details. The result is a picturesque vignette that complements the overall aesthetic and elevates it to new heights.

inside the custom breakfast nook for this home renovations in rhode island
The initial addition to this home, while expansive, needed an upgrade when the homeowners decided to grow their family. Photo by Aaron Usher III.

Built-in shelving was also incorporated to add a touch of practicality, offering both storage solutions and framing views of the beautiful outdoors. This dual functionality not only maximizes the utility of the space but also helps connect the charming interiors with Barrington’s beautiful natural surroundings.

A Historic Home Kitchen Remodel in Providence

One of our top kitchen renovations of 2023, this historic multi-story home’s only functional kitchen was in the basement. Also used for short-term rentals, the homeowner–our client–was periodically unable to access the basement kitchen and laundry room when the unit was occupied. This arrangement was not convenient, to say the least.

A historic home kitchen remodel in the college hill neighborhood was one of Red House's favorite home renovations in Rhode island of 2023
This historic home kitchen renovation unites old and new. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

After closely working with our client, Red House’s designers, well-versed in historic home renovations, proposed a bold new kitchen for the primary floor, simultaneously increasing functionality without sacrificing the character of the 200-plus-year-old home. A thoughtful kitchen layout incorporates the home’s structural elements, and a sophisticated finish palette complements the original time-worn wide-plank floors. Finally, the new kitchen entrance, now a pair of French doors, allows natural light to flood into the kitchen, simultaneously providing access to the new deck (also by Red House) and freeing up space for a custom laundry station in the adjacent room.

A Trio of Stylish Bathroom Renovations on the East Side of Providence

Being transplants from the West Coast, our clients bought their mid-century modern house on Providence’s east side and had already begun cultivating sentimental value, harkening back to childhood homes and west-coast sensibilities. Except for one area, that is–the bathrooms. After some extensive work with Red House Design Build, we were able to give this mid-century modern home a trio of stylish bathroom renovations and turned our client’s dream home into reality!

New modern bathroom with walnut, and decorative mosaic wall tile make this a favorite one of our home renovations in rhode island
The new and improved primary bath is right here in Providence, RI. Photography by Aaron Usher III.
Orange blue and white tiles in a modern home renovation in rhode island
Expressive and bright tile make this guest bathroom one to remember and one of our favorite home renovations in Rhode Island. Photography by Aaron Usher III.
step-in shower with blue and teal mosaic tiles part of Red House's home renovations in Rhode island
A sensible but distinct walk-in shower completes the third bathroom in this home’s bedroom block. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

A Sophisticated Restaurant Build in Downtown Providence

OK, technically, this isn’t among our home renovations in Rhode Island because, well, it’s not a residence. But one thing is for sure, if you make a visit to Otra in Downtown Providence, you’ll want to move in and never leave.

Otra: A Sophisticated Restaurant Design and Build in Downtown Providence
The folding doors in the distinctive arches of Otra are perfect for warm-weather dining. Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Originally built as a fire station, this historic property in downtown Providence had seen its fair share of tenants over the years. Before our client took over the unit (located directly behind their restaurant, Bacaro), the space had most recently been an eclectic Thai restaurant. Due to the success of Bacaro, a high-end Italian restaurant, and Providence institution, the owners wanted to create “another” upscale dining experience to complement it. Translating to “other” or “another,” Otra was conceived as a companion to the more formal dining experience at Bacaro, though no less refined. Specializing in Iberian small plates with Southern French influences, it was essential to our clients that Otra’s design would match the same level of sophistication as its cuisine. Read the full story here!

A Retro Kitchen Remodel in Charlestown, RI

When our clients first came to us, they had been splitting their time between their Brooklyn, NY, townhouse and their cozy coastal cottage in Charlestown, RI, for the better part of 25 years. While they appreciated the energy of the big city, they loved the respite that their Charlestown home brought. But through the years, their 1962 Rhode Island abode started showing signs of wear and tear, especially in the kitchen. The appliances were out of date and finicky; the lighting was dim; the floors were damaged; and the original metal cabinetry had begun to rust. It was past time for a renovation, but the homeowners loved the original flavor of the home and didn’t want to lose its mid-century character. While other design-build companies may have suggested ditching the kitchen altogether and starting from a clean slate, our team of expert designers and builders knew what the space meant to our clients. Check out the full kitchen remodel story in this Summery blog post.

Retro kitchen in Charlestown, RI
Original St. Charles metal cabinets are the star of this retro kitchen. Refinished to perfection! Photography by Aaron Usher III.

Bonus: An Award-Winning Addition in East Greenwich, RI

Just one more before you go: this luxury home addition in East Greenwich needs one more moment in the spotlight. Sure, this wasn’t a project we completed in 2023, but it did win us a pair of awards in 2023. Not only that, it was the cover article in the 2023 edition of RI Monthly’s Nest issue. Part of a multi-phased master plan, this project involved a complete exterior renovation, a kitchen remodel, and more! The final phase, a 564-square-foot luxury home addition with a new patio, was recently completed, and we’re thrilled with how it turned out.

Luxury home addition in East Greenwich, RI with black and white checkered floors, cathedral ceilings, and chic stylings. One of Red House's Top Renovations in Rhode Island
Just one of Red House Design Builds award-winning home renovations in Rhode Island. Photography by Aaron Usher III.


OK, 2023, that’s a wrap! For all you homeowners eager to get a jump on your home renovations in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, Red House Design Build is just as eager to get started. Fill out our contact form and let’s go! See you in 2024!

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